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    Which prop for Power Pack A?

    I need more props. I am using a FT Trainer with the PPA. Do I need CW or CCW 6x3 props?


    My plane:

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    CCW, but I switched to APC style props and never broke another one. I think they are 6x4? And I had to order from overseas - no one seemed to carry them in the states. Maybe someone else knows of a place?

    I was flying a small micro today that uses 5x3s - the same I use on a quad. I put a new prop on and handed it to a friend to launch. That didn't go so well - I had put a CW (R) prop on. Fortunately, it was a tiny motor.


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    The standard power pod gives a small amount of right thrust and is designed for the use of a CCW propeller and a motor that rotates Counter Clockwise, (CCW), when viewed from the front.

    The propeller blades will have a slight curve from the front, (Leading), edge of the blade to the rear, (trailing), edge and this curve should face towards the front or in the direction of flight. If you fit it the other way around the prop will not work as well as it should.

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    I have been using 5045 ccw props on my Tiny Traner. I had been breaking a lot of props, and switched to Dal props which haven't broken yet.

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    I get my APC props from Horizon Hobby,, and use a prop saver.

    No broken props so far.

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