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    Hey Andre, my flight into SF gets in at 11am Thursday so I'll miss the morning meeting. My first shift isn't till 1.45 though so I'll definitely make that.


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    Andre - I can take the Thursday 02 charging station shift. Zoltan Horvath

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    Is there free parking for volunteers? Is there a designated place for us to park?

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    If you are camping or RV, your parking is included with the fee and you park at your spot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thenated0g View Post
    If you are camping or RV, your parking is included with the fee and you park at your spot.
    I am staying off-site about a mile away. I guess I can walk.

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    transporting planes by plane

    I have been looking at FAA and airline policies on transporting rc planes and lipo batteries to get to flite fest. By FAA rules you are limited to 2 spare lipo batteries if they are larger than something like 100 WH (huge). (A 2200 MAH battery is about 24 WH.) But Frontier airlines interprets that to mean you can only carry two loose lipo batteries of any size. Frontier Airline further charges an extra $75 for checked items larger than 62 inches total of L+W+H. My tupperware box that fits a couple FT planes is just larger than that. So it would cost me $150 to bring a plane or two round trip. Baaa. Cheap enough to build a plane there and only bring home the electronics. This feels weird going to FF without bringing any planes, batteries or chargers. TSA is going to have fun when they see my bags with lots of rc electronics parts and wires. Along with a hot glue gun and soldering iron, etc.

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    So, are we going to meet tomorrow morning at 830 at the volunteer tent?

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