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    Smile Ft Spitfire build

    I have watched a lot of build articles and watched a lot of U tube on how to but by far flite test has caught my interest the most so I down loaded a few of the plans and started to experiment and build. This is the first Spitfire I have build and had a blast doing so just Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spitfire.JPG 
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ID:	81687Click image for larger version. 

Name:	spitfire1.JPG 
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ID:	81688Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Spitfire.JPG 
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Size:	571.7 KB 
ID:	81687wish I could fly as well as I can build....

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    That thing looks awesome. I used to have an FT Spitfire and I loved it. Did you paint the teeth on there or is that vinyl?
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    Great looking Spitfire! I love the antenna wire!

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    Looks great, building is half the fun, when you fly like me you get A LOT of building fun!
    Winters Ca.

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    Very nice, one of our favorite planes. We are now on our sixth one. I hate swappable power pods and install the compartment solid which has really improved performance. With a 250watt motor it is very fast.

    None of mine ever looked that good. But it is fun to have a plane that performs better than many of the store bought planes. Many have commented on how well it flies.

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    Awesome looking spitfire

    Your paint scheme is superb. What electronic setup do you use. How did your spitfire perform, maiden?

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    Smile Spitfire teeth

    I painted the teeth on my Spitfire freehand with Walmart special water based acrlic paint at $.50 a jar.

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    Smile Spitfire electronics and swappable

    I started out with a Turnigy 2836-8 motor and a Plush 30A Esc and APC 9X6 slow fly prop I also put a Hobby Eagle A3 Gyro in to stabilize the flight since I am new at RC. The maiden flight was awesome but on landing the prop caught on the grass and pulled the fire wall loose. The second flight was just as great but again on landing the fire wall was pulled loose so to try to combat the firewall problem I built the swappable out of 1/8" Plywood with the same plywood firewall. haven't been able to fly and try it out yet because of the weather here. The rain wont let up and noticed that there is an ARC loading animals two by two lol.

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    Please dont break props like that im not talkin about propeller. When you do that ie prop struck in grass, it bends the shaft. If i were you i would i would make a simple landing gear, the v type used on duster and attach it to the fuselage by 2 rubber bands. And also try to mix ailerons and flaps to get flaperons. But if you dial up flaperon mix then dont deploy flaps when motor is powered on because wings might not take the load. Think about it man bent shaft no good

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