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    I'm sorry to hear things turning sour for this club experience. I really believe you've got a good model planned out, but not sure how to help with the super disruptive bullies.
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    I suspect the main bully was once considered to be the local Guru of RC and I used to seek advice from him but his knowledge is actually quite limited. Over time my growth in experience and knowledge, because of continuous research, building and flying, (plus hundreds of unique designs), has caused others to actively seek my advice rather than his.

    Now I build and fly things which amaze many but I do such builds and research to develop a product brand of my own in the local market. Never had I planned to become any form of mentor for our club it just seemed to have happened. Whilst I should have suspected that he might become jealous, it definitely never occurred that he would use bullying as a matter of exerting control to force others to see that he is the real power and mentor within the club.

    Sadly for him my history with bullys is one of standing my ground and fighting. There is the option of destroying the club or even causing extreme hardship for the club members, that is not my aim but rather an avenue of last resort.

    Now I have an aircraft, (which I continually reconfigure for research), permanently banned because the bully deemed it was too loud. I have lodged complaints of bullying and I wonder what the club response and/or decision to bullying will be and if bullying is proven what the club decision will be considering my aircraft's permanent ban for a single noisy flight.

    From others on the forum it seems that my club is not unique in this area and perhaps the forums need to start a "Clubs to avoid" thread.

    As before I will provide feedback on any progress because others may be wanting to know how to combat bullys in their local club or area.

    Have fun!
    Hopefully making a difference!

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