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Thread: STEM Scouts

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    See, I'd love to do something like this for kids, but as a male who doesn't have kids, I get looked at with.."that look". And, I feel kinda hinky with the Scouting groups here, because so many of them are tied in with youth church groups, and they want a churchgoer involved, not an agnostic who feels funny about organized religion (it's me; I know that. I don't care if you're religious, I just don't have the same beliefs as everyone else, and so I'd rather not get pulled in on a discussion with kids or feel like an outsider because I don't believe the same as everyone else).

    This is why I like getting involved with Maker Faires, because most of those are groups of people just getting together to show off their groups of talents, with all sorts of different interests...You have people who kinda specialize in a particular field - robotics sports teams, Raspberry Pi programming, aeronautics, cosplay/costume design, and more - that get together to show people and get an interest involved in their field. It's not just about a kid group, either - all ages of Makers are drawn in, which is what I like.

    If I could ever get more of a group together where I could teach young and old about RC flight, or 3D printing (and not just the little figurines I see littering Thingiverse and My3DPrint Factory, but actual real world issues, like, "I need to design a servo arm that'll give my servo more throw than the arms that came with it, but I need to make it strong enough to take a beating in case I crash as well as light enough that it doesn't add extra weight."), that's what I'd enjoy. I want people to be interested in my hobbies, and share a common interest...

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    Well you have a ton here... Not the same as those in person, but it is a great place to throw these ideas around.
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