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    You're in the right place Jim. This section gives several tips for the first time forum user.

    The forum itself is divided into a series of topic based sections.

    For people interested in building, there's this section which is for general building...


    And this section is for people building with balsa wood.


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    I always go straight to the Quick Links -> Today's Posts and cruise through there. I just read the titles of the threads and go into the ones that interest me. I don't usually dive into specific forum divisions unless I'm creating a new thread.

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    I like the new posts link at the top of the page. Basically the same answer as TexMechsRobot's.

    The value of this approach is that it doesn't put you in a category. I learn a TON when I go outside my little multi-rotor box and this method exposes me to parts of the hobby I might not normally explore.
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