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    Quote Originally Posted by Bromego View Post
    I love when people ask you if you spy on others with your drone.

    Which I promptly say "yes, I am spying on you through my low res goggles looking at you with a 600 TV line camera, and going 35+ mph. You're literally a speck on my screen."
    Very true.

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    The term drone is normally used by those without knowledge to describe any Airborne craft which does not have a human pilot on board.

    Whilst the term refers to a male bee in its old time usage the drone is a single purpose part of the species, Its sole purpose is to fetilise a queen after which it dies.

    During experiments on RPVs (remotely piloted vehicles), around the end of the Great War, I understand the term Drone was used to describe experimental, Biplane, Radio controlled, Flying bombs, in a similar way that the term TANK, (shortened from water taank) was used to describe and mislead the public into its actual use.

    With the term DRONE already enshrined to describe aircraft without a human pilot on board it has had its definition broadened to encompass all airborne vehicles without a human occupant.

    Now here is the problem! With all RPVs being labelled as drones, (including the weapons systems), is it any wonder that the uneducated have problems hearing of or seeing a DRONE and not feeling a sense of fear or dread.

    With the hobby/Sport governing bodies doing very little to correct such misconceptions and an uneducated legislature we can expect the fear factor to increase and adverse laws to follow soon after.

    I tell spectators that I fly RPVs or Models and then invite them to join us in our very enjoyable pastime. Once informed the people feel safer and happy with what we do. We need positive publicity and not the reports of a few rogue idiots being used by the media to feed the fears of the ignorant..

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    All above reasons are true, but in my opinion one of the biggest reasons is it hurts the hobby. People "fear" that word because they associate it with a military UAV loaded with rockets and all. Just my opinion

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