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    Smile Hi! New to the forum....

    I'm a long time flite test watcher (since their cowbell episode) and an RC pilot for around 5 years and just thought I'd join the forum. I can't wait to see what all the hype is about! I have a youtube dedicated to RC flight if you want to know more about me.... I can't wait to contribute. Thanks!

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    Kite Eating Tree Trimmer cranialrectosis's Avatar
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    Welcome to FliteTest.

    I like your PVC Airgates video. Nice gates.
    Freiheit schöner götterfunken tochter aus elysium!

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    Welcome! We all have the same problem so you should fit right in.

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    Welcome to the community! So nice to have a place where addicts can come together.

    I just subbed to your channel (mine's Perkyplanes & RC) videos, especially like the Phantom 3 footage.

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    Thank you! I subbed back!

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