FYI this is not an attempt to sell parts or services.

I hate wasting carbon fiber plate because it is pretty damn expensive. I am having some CF cut in the next few weeks & while I am using most of it, there is going to be a fair amount of plate left around the edges of my cut. No airframes but camera mounts, angle plates for booms or anything small I can fit in I will. Mirrored parts are a plus.

So if you need some custom parts done in 2.2mm (0.086") plate, sent me a PM & we will see what can do. As the material itself is about $50/sqft & the cut cost is $150/hr, I will only ask for you to cover the cost of the material, cut & shipping to you. At any rate, it would be much cheaper than getting it done alone.

I will even help out with (a little) drawing if your skills are lacking. Within reason, though.

Also, the way I get my CF cut, I get better quality & less delamination than with standard machines. Even parts with lots of piercings & features come out awesome.