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    Dharan i will make sure to make a video and maybe a walk through of this

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    Aircraft Spruce sells a piet kit as well as the majority of the rest of what will be needed. The EAA is a GREAT resource! Even with the distance from you it's well worth it. Good luck. Looking forward to hearing about your progress.

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    what optional things do you think I should get, like lights, radio, etc, that are mandatory in your opinion?

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    Find "AC 43.13" online, you can download it from the FAA website. It is really helpful info on building Technics

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    Ok thank you I will defenitly be using this

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    X 2 on joining EAA! The Piet is a very basic traditional airframe. There are sooooo many resources available through EAA for a new builder. But if you are looking for a supply house for all things full size can start at ,they can be a bit spendy, but it is one stop shopping. Also check out , that is pretty much "the biggest classifieds" in general aviation, looks of used and new parts for sale there.
    In case you are wondering, I have a full scale Piet project going as well. It's kinda stalled at the moment, but I have everything to build the wings, and all of 4 wing ribs built at this time. I went with the more modern airfoil, opposed to Bernie's #2 pencil airfoil. Planning on powering mine with the 7 cylinder Rotec Radial, like Dick Navratil did (RIP Dick)
    Good luck in your endeavor! The Piet is an icon of aviation history.

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