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Thread: FC problems

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    FC problems

    Hello and good evening, I am stumped about my FC. I have a Seriously Pro F3 Mini and for some reason since my last rebuild I haven't been able to have my radio control anything. I re soldered everything to the board to "neaten" up my quad and now the radio won't even notice when the power is on or off in the quad. I have never had this problem and I'm hoping I may need to re flash my firmware or something? I am not good with the cleanflight program but I am getting slowly better and I would like to continue using it. Does anyone have any ideas? Thank you for your time

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    Please post a well lit, detailed photo of the connection between your flight controller and the receiver.
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    Other than the picture, good troubleshooting says to work your way back to what worked & find out what went wrong in the middle.

    Do not change anything else. No flashing or whatever. This leads to a sort of panic where you fix unbroken things & potentially add other bad factors.

    Look hard at everything you changed from what worked, especially the soldering. By change, I mean rework also. If you touched it or something close, take a hard look at it. The continuity test on your multimeter will tell you more than your eyes can. It could be a damaged wire, cold solder joint, missing wire, wrong connection, etc, etc, etc.

    This is the main reason for the picture. It could be lots of things.


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