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Thread: Gas or glow?

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    Gas or glow?

    Hi all, i have never flown anything gas or glow and was wondering if y'all could give me a few tips. Like, what are the differences? and what would happen if you put gas in a glow engine?

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    Well, for starters, gas engines are a little bigger for the same power as a nitro engine so you'll be adding a little bit more weight for the engine size to get the same power output of a smaller glow engine. But glow engines use fuel faster so you'll either have shorter flight times or put bigger tanks in your planes.

    This is a pretty good website for a general comparison.

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    is nitro the same as glow? sorry, im a complete noob

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    That's correct. Nitro is the fuel used in a glow engine. "Glow" describes the fact that the engine uses glow plugs to create combustion instead of spark plugs.

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    thx, ill probably be going glow

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