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Thread: Video Podcasts

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    Video Podcasts

    Just a quick post to say I'm really enjoying the new podcasts Stefan has been putting out! It's really nice to listen to the guys chat in an informal and relaxed way, taking their time to ponder and discuss things, with plenty of good humour thrown in as well. I listen on my phone, and check out the video later if there's anything I want to see that they've discussed.

    I love podcasts and this is just another one I can look forward to during the week. Thanks so much for what you do, and keep them coming!

    Side note - The Afterhours podcasts are of course always welcome as well!


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    I also enjoy the podcasts and video podcasts. There is another you might be interested in, the Flite Test Community Cast which also has relaxed yet relative banter as well as some build nights.
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