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    Post Help with Low Voltage Alarms/Testers

    Fairly new to the hobby and I purchased a couple of low voltage alarms and a tester from Flite Test. No instructions so I dont know how to connect the alarm into any of my planes. Can find any videos on it. Can someone tell me how? Also, purchased a tester from them. Same question. Do I need to get some additional wiring for these and if so, can you tell me what I might need?

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    Can you give us some links to the products or some pics

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    On the back of the low voltage alarm, next to the pins, they are labeled. The pins go from "-" to "+". The only one you have to concern yourself about is the negative "-" pin. Using the white plug from your battery, plug it into the last several pins, making sure the black wire goes to the "-" pin.


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    Got it!

    Thanks, Thought it might need to be wired into the whole system. Much easier than I was making it. Messed up a couple of batteries before I knew it so want to get this right. Left one connected to a plane from FT while I was building and ruined it and lost a plane overnight into a fenced area and one cell was dead when I retrieved it. Dont want to waste anymore than I already have so got some alarms and a battery checker.

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