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    Its Sunny, mid 40's today and only 3 mph winds forcasted. My sorry butt will be outside with the Gremlin and possibly Taz. I just replaced the Xt30 wire I broke yesterday on the Borgling and managed to actually flash the osd on Taz's PDB using an FTDI connection for the first time (and have it work).

    I have FINALLY worked out a viable gun mounts for the big 42 that can be used at your discretion either in a closed front / rear or the open cup style of the original pics. I am gluing one up to test later today while batteries are charging. I think I have read thru and watched the set up video enough times to get the stick commands right to set up the Camera switch without letting the smoke out from the power hard wired jumpers, and can focus on the Bomb Bay as soon as I get a confirmed width and placement as that will be a one piece unit with the Cock pit / bomb sight rig. I will make it sectional but that whole thing should be plug n play. Then all I have to do is wire it as one whole circuit and set up the "special functions" for the turrets.
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    I want YOU to join us in the 2018 Flite Test Forum WWII Design/Build Challenge!

    My hanger listing, build threads, conversion projects, and Taranis radio mods are Over Here....

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