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    Cool Hey! Been watching FT and other r/c vids for over a year and finfally joined forum :D

    Hey guys!

    Im a total noob to the art of making and breaking planes, but what Ive done so far I have absolutely loved!

    Started out about Xmas 2016 randomly came across Experimental Airlines build vids and watched a lot of them, then came across FT videos. Watched an absolute load of them and found them invaluable in terms of morale-boosting as well as technically useful. Loving the general aviation stuff too and have looked up Pietenpol builds and flying lessons

    I've done a vid of my first build and maiden flight (let me know if/where I can post that in case anyone wants to see it) and looking forward to getting my foamboard glider up in the air with its 60" wingspan!

    Thanks a lot for having me, and I look forward to hopefully contributing something back.


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    First off welcome to the forums itsnej we are all glad you are here I hope that your maiden is successful, and if not try to post the video to see if everyone else here on the forums can give you some advice.
    Always remember this when you are struggling with something, "It is possible.....just not in a way you know yet".
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    Thanks Grifflyer!

    Heres the video with a walkaround, taxiing and some flight. Posted it int he videos section as well and it seems the unanimous advice is 'dihedrals'.


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    Experimental Airlines/Ed is a wealth of knowledge. Yes please, by all means, post your videos!
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    Welcome to the hobby and the forum. I enjoyed your balance of narration and motor audio in your video. Keep 'em coming.
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    Thanks a lot man! Will try to

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    Posted a new video if you're interested guys:


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    excellent flight and video ....well done !! that selfie stick was well wobbly up there
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    Not sure if/how this thread updates, but I made a new video on a new (non-personal) Youtube account

    It was very windy!

    Cheers guys, and hope you all got some flying in!

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