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    Absolutely. Maybe we can do a double date dinner and then come here for coffee and desert. I know Amy would be up for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsknockoff View Post
    I've been reading through some Build logs on the BoT and it looks like almost everyone practically recuts the kit using much lighter stock. I don't have a lot of experience with sailplanes besides old school floaters but it makes me beg the question, wonder how big of a difference it would really make to the sport flier? Some builds have some pretty significant weight taken out.
    It's common, but IMO, ill advised for soaring -- as you've said, trading weight for penetration is a good thing. Light and floaty excels on the beautiful day where the thermals are the only source of wind and they're big fat and lazy . . . then there's the rest of the year, where the lead-sleds will clean their clock on the narrow wind-blown thermals with sink all around. The lead-sled pilot has the speed and the legs to run from sink, where light and floaty is dragged down the first hole it wanders by. Being able to adjust this wildly with ballast is a more modern approach . . . but that's a concept that was only just being explored back in the BoT's era.

    As for surfaces and mods, IMO, she's at her best as an electric RES ship (Rudder/Elevator/Spoilers) -- Kudos Tex, on your taste Although ailerons and flaps aren't impossible by a long shot, It's kinda like putting a modern fuel injected engine into a classic 50's Muscle car. Sure you get more power . . . but at what cost?
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