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    FT Mighty Mini Sportster

    Hello everyone and thanks for reading my forum post.

    I'm a rookie to building RC planes, and am looking to buy the FT Might Mini Sportster as my first build.

    However the battery required for this build is a 3s XT 30 800 battery Hyperion 850mAh 3s 20c Lipo which is not in stock and I cannot seem to find it on any other hobby website or amazon.

    Would any of you know which battery I can substitute for this?

    If anyone can be so kind as to let me know what some of those values mean?

    I know XT30 is a connection, 850maH is the battery hourly current draw capability, and LiPo is a Lithium Polymer battery.

    What Transmitter/Receiver would you recommend for this build as well? I know it must have XT 30 connections on the Receiver to match the Battery connection? Not looking to spend a whole bunch of money on a top of the line Transmitter/Receiver, just looking for enough to get me in the air and teach myself.

    Thank you so much to anyone who can answer at least one of these questions. It is greatly appreciated as I am completely new to this Hobby.

    Take Care

    Here are some links to the materials in case any of you need to look at it to answer any questions;

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    Geetings tdogg,

    Thank you for your friendly greeting and question.

    LiPo battery selection depends on several factors.

    C rating - Often there is a rated and/or recommended C rating for your power system. If you are going to use a 12 amp ESC I would recommend nothing less than a 15C LiPo to be sure it can deliver the power demanded. Higher C ratings handle more power but also cost a bit more.

    mAh capacity - Here you have more room to choose depending on what you need/want. A higher capacity will give you provide more flight time but weighs and costs more. Size and dimensions of the LiPo also vary so be sure to pick one that will fit.

    I like the XT style connectors. I think all of mine are XT60's but I could have used the smaller XT30 on some. I prefer keeping things standard but if I had more planes that were smaller and used lower power systems, I might choose the XT30's for their smaller size. By the way, the XT 30 you mention would connect the ESC to the battery, not the receiver.

    The transmitter/receiver questin is one of the most common questions found on the forum. There are many that will work and some cost very little. One thing to consider is what will be after this build. Some radio systems offer more options as your interest in other planes grows. Two very popular radios are the Spektrum line, like the DX6e, and the FrSky (Taranis). There are others but many many users find themselves satisfied with radios like these for quite a long time. Is $150 to $200 within what you would be willing to spend on a radio? If so, I would suggest looking into these.

    Welcome to the forum and keep us posted with your questions and progress.
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    Not enough power

    I do not recommend this plane as a beginner plane because I flew it as my 4th plane and it was not even close to powerful enough. It wobbled around in the air no matter how much I experimented with the center of gravity.

    If you do get it, make sure you use the 3s battery(more power)

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