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Thread: UMX FT Seaduck

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    UMX FT Seaduck

    I have a desire to do a little FT Seaduck.

    Anyone with input on how to scale down? Will it scale down ok and fly right? Power systems?

    What I am thinking is 24" or less wingspan. I do a lot of sailboat cruising and I think it would be awesome to have a UMX FT Seaduck to zip around in an anchorage when it's flat calm.

    Can someone post scaled down plans?

    Will it work?

    Thanks for any input

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    try this it is a bit bigger 35 inches but it might work
    900mm sea duck
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    Scale down


    If you use the tiled plan from FT, i assume you can use your printer to scale it down. 24inch is like 43% scale

    You would still need to find fitting motors though, so print the page with power pod scaled down and see what would fit,
    but guesstimating, at less then 1 inch of powerpod width, might be a touch call
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