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    So cool! That's food grade ink you are using right?


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    Quote Originally Posted by LitterBug View Post
    That's food grade ink you are using right?
    LB, I hope you know there are more pleasant ways to augment your calcium intake.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyBorg View Post
    I'll bet your daughter is psyched about this huh.
    She likes the end result...but gets bored watching it and isn't quite ready to start using inkscape to make her own designs. So she's enjoying it....but not quite loving it yet Maybe a in a few more years she'll appreciate it more.

    As for the ink. These are just regular extra fine tip sharpies. Not food safe. But that doesn't bother me as I grew up with non edible easter eggs. The traditional Pysanky dyes are non-food safe too and you don't hard boil them either. We usually do a batch of edible eggs with boring plain colors to eat on Easter - but the fancy eggs are kept from year to year as mementos. At least the ones that don't go bad are kept. We lose a few every year - but the majority of them dry out and last for decades. (I'm not a fan of blowing them out either - have lost too many doing that and it's not traditional as pysanky are a fertility symbol and having the "guts" still in them is part of that.)

    There are food safe markers - but they aren't as vivid, most of them don't write on eggs well, their shanks are bigger so I'd have to make a different pen arm to hold them...overall it's not really worth it to me. But...I may pick up a pack to try just out curiosity and to do some less intricate designs with. We'll see....
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