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    Talking NEED HELP!!! I am building my first foam plane from scratch

    Hey i'm building a foam plane from some 2 inch insulation foam from a previous project. My plane is going to be based off of a Cessna and i have the body and wing design, but i need help finding inexpensive but quality motors, servos, ESC's, props, battery, and landing gear
    Help will be much appreciated!!!!!!!

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    You can get really cheap gear on Banggood, HobbyKing, Amazon, etc... I have had good results with all of them. The Flite Test power packs are really cool because they are complete and come with tools and a LiPo bag.

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    Thank you much appreciated, but do you recommend any brands for the motors and servos?

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    whats the dimensions of theplane and how much do you think it will weigh? for servos I would recomend Emax but I need to know more fore the motor

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    The plane will be 2 feet long with a width of 5 or 6 inches and where the wing attaches It will be 5 inches tall and the nose will be 4 inches tall with a wing span of 2 feet 10 inches and i am still working on drawing the tail of the plane.

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