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    First Time At Flite Fest

    Hi All,
    My family and I are planning on attending our first flite fest this year at flite fest east. We are undecided yet on doing the full weekend or maybe just doing two days, we will be bringing our 9 and 6 year old kids. So if we only do two days are there two days that would be better to attend than others(more hands on activities, etc)? Our concern with doing the full weekend is keeping our 6 year old engaged and interested. Also can anyone recommend a good hotel? We are really excited about attending, wishing we had discovered the world of flite test sooner! We appreciate any and all advice, suggestions and info all you experienced folks could offer.
    Thanks so much!
    Chad VanHook

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    Although I have been in the community for a few years now this will be my first Flite Fest as well so though I don't have much to recommend I will be looking forward to meeting you and the family.
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    You and your family are in for a treat!

    Saturday is the big day, with attendance building each day until then. There's quite a bit going on each day, most of it unscheduled (people bringing cool things to fly, big projects running in the build tents, . . . ) so each day has it's charms, but Saturday is the biggest. While there was a "family tent" with things to occupy the less plane-inclined, for a 6yo, it's a tough call. It would depend on the kid.

    Hotel? Distance wise, it's a wash, but it's a straight shot to Carrollton and there are a couple of mainstream hotel chains there. No idea about quality. North Canton is your next best bet for the chains, but the route is a bit more indirect and slower. Hopefully someone will reply more with specifics -- These recommendations are more based from the commute than the hotel itself.
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    Hey Chad, Welcome to the forum! Flite Fest is a unique experience and I would suggest the full four days if you think kids can handle it, you would be the best judge of that. I took my son last year at the age of 7. We fully discussed the event and my expectations beforehand and he rocked it out from morning to night all four days. About the only thing that changed for me from the prior two years was I left the event earlier at night then I would have if I was alone. We are both looking forward to it again this year. There is plenty to do and you can be as busy as you choose or seat back and relax as much as you would like. The one thing you need to be prepared for is the weather, you need to cover yourself rain or shine. I've gone through both and had an amazing time either way. Start checking the weather a couple of weeks out and plan accordingly. As far as hotels go I have stayed at the Microtel Inn and Days Inn, both in Carrollton which is about 10-15 minutes away from the event. I have heard good things about Candlewood Suites in Carrollton as well. They are all on the same street and fairly close together. Hope this helps and if you have any more questions feel free to ask or send me a private message and I'll help you to the best of my abilities. Flite Fest is more than an RC event, it's like a family reunion with the largest family you could ever imagine. Hope to see you there!
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    I HIGHLY recommend Palmantiers Motel, in Minerva. It's very family-oriented, they have a pool, common (stocked) kitchen with oven/stove/etc, and very helpful management. Plus, it's only about 10 minutes from Furey Field. This was the key feature in choosing the place for my family last year. I brought my wife and our (at the time) 3 year old son for the full event. If ever he (or she ) got bored - or hot, or tired - at the field, they could go back to the room and cool off or go swimming or just nap in a comfy bed, and not have to drive very far.

    That said, it wasn't too hard to keep my 3-yr-old son entertained, there's a lot to see and it's different every day! The people in the build tents didn't rotate too much, but as they build/fly/crash/repair ...what everyone is working on was always "in flux". :P The family tent was a nice place to get uncluttered shade, and there were a few games, but it was largely just a good rest-spot.

    There are also lots of demo's to watch, more formal build-series if you like, and there were also several kid-oriented group mini-events - but I missed most of 'em so make sure you keep an ear out.

    Regardless of age, make sure you bring plenty of water or at least a couple refillable bottles, and some heat-agnostic-snacks (granola bar, trail mix or the like). There is food on-site, but your taste may vary.
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    Welcome to the Flite Test community.

    Repeat of the above. My brother and I camped so no hotel recommendations there. First days are nice because it is easy to get some flying space and the weekend is great for experiencing everyone else.

    Mid7night has a good point. Stay closer to the flight line to hear annoucements. We missed a few things we wanted to see/do since the speakers don't go far back from there you could miss something you wanted to see.
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    Thank you guys for all your input and suggestions I greatly appreciate it.

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    One more question for everybody. What type of amenities are on site for campers? We will be there with our two kiddos and are still trying to decide what will work best for us camping or hotel.
    Chad VanHook

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    There are plenty of port-o-potties but the real highlight for camping amenities are the hot shower trailers! Each trailer has a couple shower and sink stalls that are big enough to share with a kiddo who needs help. You'll need to bring your own water, and there are no electrical hookups for camp sites. Generators are fine, but need to be shut off at night unless there is a medical reason for keeping them going.

    One vendor had ice last year, and as mentioned a there were a couple of food vendors - the ice cream and lemonade being the most frequented by me, followed closely by the BBQ

    Personally, while the weekend saw the craziest projects, I really enjoyed the earlier part of the gathering where the numbers were a little smaller. It was easier to find an open table, an open spot on the flight line, and not feel too crowded walking around. Then again, I've got some introvert tendencies that usually have me run screaming in the opposite direction of a large gathering - the relative quiet of the family and volunteer tests were a nice break at times.
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    Wish there were a few more port-o-pots, but the showers are the best feature making it a camping friendly experiences - especially after those 90 degree days.
    I would suggest camping if you think you can. Even after the night flying is over, there are people to meet and stories to be told.

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