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    For Sale/Swap at FTFF East 2017

    Going to FTFF East and looking to sell or swap some of your stuff? Post it here!
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    I hope I'd don't get in trouble since this is a car...

    If I do go I'll have a nitro revo that's been swapped to a 3.3, with the revo platinum spring mounted header. Reverse doesnt work, and unless you want a body that looks like it's been through a marine training course a couple times, it doesn't come with one. LOTS of extras and spare parts!
    Really looking for a trade of a bigger (1100-1400) warbird. Would like a balsa gasser, but I don't care. Not really looking for any P-51s however. Unless it is a balsa gasser, and not the 8cc "trainer" version.
    Would also be interested in trading for a large (60" or bigger) balsa warbird kit.
    Or just make a trade offer.
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    I'm planning on bringing some 3D printed parts to sell. Is there any interest in Pietenpol motors, Mustang/Spitfire/MiG 3 exhausts, Spinners (various sizes), etc? Let me know if you are interested. Thanks.
    -Dan Sponholz

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