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Thread: Bad ESC?

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    4v per cell should be fine and you should be able to power that plane.

    Once you charge a lipo you should use it. If you sit it on a shelf for days/weeks at a time, you will increase internal resistance and decrease the life of the battery. A good charger should also allow you to discharge to a 'storage charge' level.

    I test my lipos in the air in real time using telemetry or a lipo voltage alarm. When the voltage hits 3.5V I land.
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    Thanks guys for all the help! My batteries are charged but still no joy. I have ordered another esc (maybe should have ordered 2), so I will see what happens.
    Meanwhile, I also bought an IMAX B6AC charger but have not been able to use it yet because it does not come with XT30 connectors for the output leads. Are XT30's generally hard to come by? I live in Atlanta and HobbyTown does not carry them. I have ordered some to make my own leads but this seems unusual since they are so common with Flite Test products. We'll find out how good my soldering skills are after 50 years. I probably should practice a little first
    Thanks again everyone!

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