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    How to get your aircraft to the field use a compact car

    I have a chevy sonic and it is very small. I need to get my aircraft to the field. This is my solution. I went to u-haul and had them put a hitch on my car. ($360.00) Then I went to harbor fright and bought a 4x8 foot folding trailer. ($350.00) And with putting the sides which I have yet to build will give me a trailer to haul my planes for less than ($800.00) I tried to load pictures, but was unsuccessful, but the trailer I had to build and it came out great.

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    Now, that's dedication to your hobby.
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    You can put the pictures in a google folder, make it public then link to it here

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    I have a Honda Fit. I keep the backseats down most of the time. I can get quite a bit in there.


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    When shopping for my Jeep, one of the main requirements was that it had enough space to carry at least 2 airplanes

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    I have a 1st Gen Honda Insight. Fortunately quads, tricopters, RMRC Nano Skyhunter, toolboxes and all fit in it just fine. Largest plank is a 1500 which would probably fit too. Worst case scenario, I'll take the truk. With all the rain we have had, the truk is my only option. The Insight's skinny narrow tires sink into the muddy field where the truck floats on top.


    EDIT: Regenerative fueling testing at my buddy's shop:
    Click image for larger version. 

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