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    Correct, you're addding weight in the worst area for most planes since it will take much more than that to even it out.

    Balsa dust is a wonderful thing, make some today!

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    Life got busy and it has been a couple of weeks since I’ve posted anything but I’ve been occasionally working on the plane when I have time to spare. The firewall was separating from the bottom of the fuselage so I reinforced it by applying Titebond and clamping it down until dry. The nose gear was rusty and the steering arm was broken in two pieces so I decided to install a new Dubro nose gear assembly. The existing setup had the nose gear control rod exiting from the bottom of the fuselage. I’m changing it so that the control rod will now exit thru the firewall to work with the new Dubro nose gear. I installed a new 3” Dubro Super Lite wheel on the nose gear to match the wheels on the main landing gear. The ElectriFly motor mount I mentioned in a previous post will not work. It does not match the existing bolt hole pattern in the firewall or the hole pattern of the new motor. I attempted to mount the motor directly to the firewall but discovered that the new nose gear is now an obstruction. I decided to use 1” aluminum spacers to mount the motor off the firewall. The spacers keep the motor from interfering with the new nose gear and puts the prop close to the original location. I didn’t think the firewall had a thrust angle but I can see it now that the motor is installed. I put a band of white electrical tape around the fuselage at the firewall to hold down the peeling covering and hide the holes where the cowl was screwed down. I hope that this plane flies well because it is not pretty with a missing cowl.


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