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    Flight sim for beginner on iPhone

    Hello all,

    I'm new to forum and to flying RC but want to try and get a bit of experience before heading out into the real world. Having looked through this group I have picked up some tips but wanted to see what people think about learning on a sim before going out. I have an iPhone 5s and have downloaded the app below and apart from the in app ads and the rather wolly control before changing some settings it seems a not to bad experience.

    As I don't have a radio set yet I was looking at people using there's attracted to a computer to get a more realistic experience?

    Look forward to thoughts.

    Absolute RC Plane Sim by Happy Bytes LLC

    Just kickin' the tyres

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    Like you, I'm newbie too, but now I can fly. So I can tell you:
    1. This app above is the BEST for apple user. You can practice as well as you have time. Try to learn the direct of plane, turn left, right and so on. This app only help you KNOW the direct of plane not feeling as true in real.
    2. Try to buy a TX (radio) and a SIM. I think PHOENIX is good. You must practice with TX BEFORE fly a RC plane. It help you save your money!
    Some advices.

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    Many thanks jivago, yes it does seem best from what I can find. Just getting used to opposites when flying towards is a battle

    Just kickin' the tyres

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    I recommend an App called PicaSim. Great physics and it has wind simulated too!
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    PicaSim is superior!
    The menu can be intimidating but the defaults for all the aircraft are just fine, and it has a lot of features for the price.
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    Thanks TheStig4449 & Montiey,

    I'll look into that one. RC Isn't too bad but it feels really slow or maybe its just me.

    Just kickin' the tyres

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