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    Orange R615X won't hold bind to Spektrum DX6i

    I installed the RX and did a bind as usual (power up RX then TX, remove bind plug, turn off RX then TX

    Worked fine. Came back later and fired up the DX6i and then the RX and it won't respond. Beeps twice and that's it.

    I have to keep rebinding the RX everytime I want to fly a plane which is a pain.

    When I bought the RX's (two when they were on sale) the website said they are compatible with DSM2/DSMX systems.

    Any ideas?

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    Are you using the Rx for different models saved in the Tx?

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    Try leaving the bind plug in until after powering everything down.

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    I think it's an issue with the version of firmware. My sons DX6i (which he got about 2 years after mine) holds the bind on the receivers.

    Thanks for the suggestions. Guess it's time to move up to the DX6 (darn

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    Could be the older DX6i`s some were DSM2 only compatible.

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