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    The + Size VTOL has completed flight testing. It flies nice.

    I did make an error in my statement above. It is not a good idea to fly it in forward flight when in hover mode with the autolevel turned off. Control is fine but the axes are mixed up. Yaw in hover mode is -roll in airplane mode, and roll in hover mode is yaw in airplane mode. This is because I set it up to hover like a multicopter and fly like an airplane. Open Aero VTOL (OAV) allows you to set it up to hover like an airplane if you want but most people don't like to do it that way. I have flown both ways and I find hovering like a multicopter more natural.

    Bottom line, as it is now, flip the switch to hover mode and you are flying a + quad. Flip the switch to FFF (Fast Forward Flight) and you are flying an airplane.

    It might seem odd, but it is even possible to flip the switch to the center position and fly comfortably there. You just move the aileron and rudders sticks left or right together. If you were to hover in airplane mode then the aileron stick and rudder stick would have to move in opposite directions. If you have good 3D visualization skills, you can figure out why. Otherwise, I could bore you with pages of explanation and it still would not make sense.

    Now that flight testing is complete I just have to write It up and get some video. I really need a good 3D pilot to better show what it can do.

    Click image for larger version. 

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