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Thread: ESC trouble

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    do you have your channel maps correct? Look on the receiver tab and make sure your channel order is the same on both the radio and the FC. like if you have the radio set to TAER but the FC is looking for AETR that would make it think the throttle is in the wrong position and not let it arm and thus activating an alarm state.
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    Yep just checked it again and everything is functioning perfectly. The Kiss GUI shows all the right movements via the receiver.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Snarls View Post
    What ESC protocol is the KISS FC set to? The KISS FC supports Oneshot125, Oneshot42, and DShot, all of which may not be supported by Simon K. See if you have any of those options selected and can deselect them.
    Snarls hit it here... From what I understand, if you want the true Kiss experience you need the ESC's to go with the FC anyway. You may be able to flash BLHeli on to yours, and maybe they'll do Oneshot125... Doubt it though, you're much better off upgrading.

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