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    Lipo nominal voltage is 3.7V per cell, your 2S pack is therefore 7.4V. Fully charged, they are 4.2V per cell, 8.4V for 2S, so you're not quite full yet You can also get the full pack voltage from the discharge leads, much easier than maneuvering those beefy test probes around the balance plug

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    I saw your video and agree with Sean. I am not sure what you were expecting but I would expect exactly what you showed in your video. I would recommend plugging your LiPo back into one of those chargers and allow it to charge fully. I think your charger lights will go all green when all the cells are at maximum capacity. At that time, if you check your total voltage it should be 8.4VDC or very close to it.

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Much easier if you do what I do and get one of these, never go flying without it. Instantly tells you where your battery is at.

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    This: or

    will also work. But one of the more functional meters like the one mentioned in a prior post can be used to measure current draw and other datum as well. But, they do cost a bit more.


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    Thank you all, i was under the impression that 7.4v was the maximum voltage of the battery

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    As provided above, max charge is 8.4V for a 2 cell. If you're storing the battery for long periods of time, you want it around 7.6-7.8V (~3.8-3.9V per cell)

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