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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyBorg View Post
    I went out to brunch today with friends and then we hit a local flea maeket and the goodwill store on the way home. I spent a whopping four dollars and 36 cents to make my spotters helmet for FFE.

    Attachment 89812

    Attachment 89813

    Just have to make a Fly angry logo stencil and paint that on and its ready to go. I was gonna grab a picture with my googles that have the angry eyes but I gave up after 4 sad attempts to grab the picture with them on hehe.
    The table is my friend. The trees, not so much.

    My hanger listing, build threads, conversion projects, and Taranis radio mods are Over Here....

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    I finally got back out onto the slopes today. I haven't flown unpowered in what feels like ages, but it's such a nice change of pace.

    I flew a Zupair Z1. It's the nicest, most relaxing glider I've ever flown. It handles light air as well as medium/bumpy air, and thermals well too.

    This isn't my video, but it's a good showcase (by the designer!) of the Z1:

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    My RC day was spent mowing the runway at our field and flying my 3 channel "Tailless" Tiny Trainer

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It flies OK in fact but I am still working the perfect trim setup.

    Sadly it was a typical cold winters day here. Only about 15 degrees, (Where did I put my snow shoes?).

    Have fun!
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    Finished up a mini corsair and watched rain falling. Maiden for another day.

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