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Thread: Tactic ttx 850

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    Quote Originally Posted by Foam Addict View Post
    I also set up crow and other mixes variably on the remote, allowing me to have less of a shock!(relative noob here!)
    You're wondering why a variable mix is necessary when you already have variable channels, right? Well, say you want to set up spoilerons. You know, both ailerons go up to reduce lift. This needs to be a mix since the ailerons are already in the aileron channel. So if you set up that mix with the slider, then you can adjust the spoilerons as needed. On my DX6i I can only activate spoilerons (flaps set with different endpoints) with a switch - boom - all or nothing. With a slider controlling the mix you can slowly increase or decrease the effect.
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    Well, you can leave the adjustment menu open and then as you're flying roll roller button to adjust the level you like. I would only do this to find a point I like and save it. I do see what you mean though. That would be something you would like to adjust on the fly. That makes sense. Another feature of the DX8 is the ability to slow servo movements for things like gear so they pop down or up slowly and scale like. I will have to see if it's possible to change the timing of a mix function.

    Good example. That's what I was looking for. Thanks.

    I haven't tried any gliders yet and with all my 3D planes and heli's as well as my scale planes I've never run across a situation where I wanted to dial it in. I have a dial on my DX8 that I can use but I never have. I actually try to program everything to my flight mode switch. I have all my rates, expo, governor and any mixing done programmed so that I can change it all with one switch and that keeps me focused on flying. Kind of like programming a run. A take off mode, middle mode, stunt mode, then back to middle and landing. Works for me anyhow. I like hearing how other people set up their stuff.
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