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    I lost a granddaughter 2 years ago. Though I am fine talking about it now, my heart was wrenched for losing her and also knowing the pain my daughter and her husband were going through.

    Thank you for sharing this personal detail and giving us the opportunity to grieve with you. Certainly we do grieve with you, many who know too well the grief.

    If I may I would like to encourage you in something. Though death is one of the most unpleasant aspects of life and inevitable for us all, Dawson was fortunate to have loving people around him and we were fortunate to have his story brought to us by you. Thank you for your concern for him, for getting involved, for reaching out to the community, and even the sad news that reminds us that we need to make good use of our time.

    Also thank you for the video post so we can match a face with the name.

    I do not want to rush anyone past their time of grieving but rather offer a little hope for relief.

    My prayer is that God will give comfort and peace to all those grieving.
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    Wow, I am so sorry, both Jim and the family of Dawson. My thoughts and prayers to his family and friends. I had a sibling miscarriage, and I never actually new him/her, but it still hit me pretty hard. At least we know they are all in a better place.
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