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Nice job David. You are getting ahead of me. I have some work to do today, and tomorrow I am taking my daughter off to school in New Orleans, then it's back to work on the night shift. So, my progress will be delayed
Thanks, Mark. It's not a race, of course... and you've done all the hard part already making such a nice compact design. I really do like what you've done and want to see it work... I think it opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Yeah, I have the advantage of having so many machines laying around that I can use for testing. But my big problem now is that there are just too many options. Conduit is so cheap and I have so many extra MPCNC printed parts laying around that I'm starting to lean toward another machine entirely that incorporates this carriage design... a relatively low-profile/weight, conventionally-driven, dedicated laser/needle machine... or, a Phlatprinter-inspired design that moves the workpiece under a stationary X-gantry, Z-lift on carriage... etc.

No pressure, Mark... there's still plenty to do and it will all still be here, waiting for you, when you get the chance to get back on it.

Take care, friend, taking your daughter to school.

-- David