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    I'd like it noted that the Bix does do a lot of comments on facebooks Fans of flitetest
    There is an art to flying, a knack actually, it's the ability to throw yourself at the ground and miss - Hitchikers guide to the galaxy

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamboree1 View Post
    I'd like it noted that the Bix does do a lot of comments on facebooks Fans of flitetest
    AND YouTube. He's active in other places, you just gotta look
    "Fly as if every Lipo were your last..."

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    you know reading this thread reminds me a lot of me. People were upset when i closed the proverbial doors on Maxstudio in 2000 and again in 2007 when i closed up the Maxum Motor company work. After two world championships, the website and traveling all over for shows i just got burned out and wanted to move on to other projects in scale modeling. It is very easy to get burned out taking on too much. I'd love to be teaching scale modeling and i've loved imparting my knowledge over the years. I love meeting and talking to people on the subject and it kills me sometimes to think about it, as i lived in North Canton Ohio for 20 years and if i hadn't moved to Florida i'd be on Flight Tests door step shooting video on scale tips and tricks, lol but i have to say Josh has his hands full and i don't mind that he's not more active on the forum as i know how engrossing it can be when you love a hobby and love sharing it with others. You just can't let it take over every aspect of your life, sometimes you need to step away and breathe. Pace yourself Josh, you're doing a great job!

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    Hopefully after FF East, we don't hear at all from Josh Bixler, because he is on vacation with the family.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NiCK_NaMe View Post
    Hopefully after FF East, we don't hear at all from Josh Bixler, because he is on vacation with the family.
    Actually, they are back from vacation... And there is a lot to do before Flite Fest... I am surprised a lot of the activity on the social media outlets have not slowed down more than it has.

    2 weeks until full on Flite Fest Fun!!!

    Look forward to seeing all of my family there in Ohio!!!

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    I can fully understand the need for more Josh Bix! Imagine if 'The Bix' applied himself to world peace, the middle east. world hunger. nuclear proliferation. They would be solved in weeks. sadly that's not the case, hes only one man. Is anyone a mad scientist on the forums who could clone him?

    I can also understand and want him to utilize and participate in the forums, yet the net benefit is too narrow. Its just too hard and time consuming for him to reply to every question, though I'm sure he is extremely active on the forums. Luckly the forums are filled with amazing, friendly and helpful people who also can help you out. As 'The Bix' always mentions. Its all about community. And FliteTest is a rare and amazing community indeed.

    If Flitetest is looking for an official FT forum “replier” for Josh Bix...( something akin to the angel Metatron).........where do I apply???

    That's why YouTube is a better method to broadcast the broader benefits of the beloved Bix.

    Thanks ya'll.
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    Yeah might have better luck on Facebook. I added him on there even though I feared he might reject me for being some crazy fan or something lol. He accepted my request maybe within a week or so of me sending it. I had joined the Flitetest Fans group on FB too and he has liked and commented on some of my posts.

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    Hey everyone!

    Thanks for commenting on here and chattin it up! I will say that I am def still PRETTY crazy and will always be(no worries there! haha). I also wanted to thank all of the forum moderators for their continued action on this forum! This would not be what it is without all of you!
    Lastly I want to thank the COMMUNITY, who are NOT moderators etc... you all have made the moderator's jobs "EASY" to a point because you are all SO fantastic! You all rock and I just wanted to make sure you all knew that from us here at FT! We talk about you all on the DAILY! haha

    Blessings everyone!

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