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    Episode 77 - Just hangin!

    Episode 77 - Just hangin!

    Join Steve, Kevin and Fred as we catch up with Fred and relax with some rants.

    Free our Skies and we'll see ya next time...

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    Decoder Ring Theatre - Black Jack Justice

    Carl’s Jet

    RC Flight Deck

    Tree Exploring.
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    "Clear Skies!"

    HANGER: (FT) Versa, Versa UFO, BB, Spitfire, Viggen (w/wo wheels), Cruiser, Mustang, Racer, BW, 3D, Pun jet, Mini Scout, Bushwacker, 200% Mustang. (Other DTFB) Filken’s Corsair.(Heli’s) Oxy3+, Goblin 380 (Multirotor) EHub Spider, Dragonfly, Aimdroix 250. (other new & used stuff)
    Crashed/Rebuilding: Hotwax’s Middlestick (Lipo Fire!) Ultramicrobe’s P-51, 75% Viggen
    Working on: FT Explorer, FT Racer w/ Retracts, FT Cargo Plane, FT Duster, Alps Corsair

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