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    Quote Originally Posted by hcpl View Post
    Hi everyone, I'm the creator of that app. It's awfully out of date at the moment. The good news is that I recently picked up development again. I'm currently working on a material like design for this app. If anyone is interested in becoming a beta tester let me know. You're more than welcome. You'll then get beta updates from the playstore so you can test new releases in advance of other users.

    If interested subscribe at the google group
    well that google+ page is gone now so....
    Major RC's in Flying Condition:FT Flyer (flown once, crashed, repaired), FT Sparrow (unpowered free flight version, flown soooo much, fixed sooo much), FT Simple Soarer (built with electronics, no motor, not flown),
    In Progress:B.A.T. 150% size (some pieces cut out, some not measured out yet), FT Simple Scout (plans taped together), FT Simple Cub (plans printed),
    Retired RC's none yet, although the sparrow is getting close.
    I also have an Axial SCX10 Deadbolt (crawler)

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    is this work for Iphone X ?

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