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    There was one on Netflix that would focus on an Allied vs a Japanese or German fighter. Not a lot of episodes but I liked how they went over the specs and had WWII pilots commenting on the performance in action.
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    I just listened to this one through audio and it was real good
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    The Aviators TV show was good but they took it off Hulu and now charge for the videos.
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    The Right Stuff - Awesome movie (about as much as a documentary as Apollo 13) tracking aviation from the speed of sound to the beginning of the space program. Hands down my favorite aviation movie.

    One-Six Right - Documentary based on general aviation around Van Nuys Airport in Cali (busiest GA airport in the world). Just a warning: this movie will make you want to trade all your worldly possessions for a pilots license and small airplane.

    Plane Resurrection - Currently on Netflix Streaming. A UK TV series following folks restoring old war birds. Very well made.

    Discovery Wings - Old Discovery series (from when The Discovery Channel was making more than scripted reality TV). This helped guide me into an aviation career as a kid. You can find full episodes on Youtube.
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    Dogfights from History Channel.

    There are a number of good episodes. The Guadalcanal episode interviews Col. Jefferson DeBlanc, USMC (Ret.). This cajun pilot from Louisiana won the Medal of Honor. You can see that medal at the WWII Museum in New Orleans.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Grifflyer View Post
    I just listened to this one through audio and it was real good
    These are good documentaries and that, but i hate how they fail to document enemy victories

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    I too was going to name the movie The Right Stuff. The music when Glenn is launching in Friendship VII (Holst) gets me every time!
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