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    4s mini mustang
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    Will there ever be another version of this challenge in the future, like one or two years from now

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    This is actually the third annual Flite Test Forum Challenge that leads up to a big in-person activity at a Flite Fest event. In 2016 we all made different designs of the Baby Baron and Baby Brit to ride escort with Wilsonman's big Gotha bomber. In 2017 we recreated the International Air Races of the 30's and did some pylon races. This year was WW2 designs that never saw combat.

    Each year we have managed to increase the ways for people to participate even if they can't make it to Flite Fest Ohio, or any Flite Fest event.

    The theme for the next challenge hasn't been decided yet, but will be announced in a week or two after Flite Fest Ohio to give people almost a full year to work on their projects. Here's the ideas being bounced around so far:

    - Amphibious craft (anything capable of taking off/landing on water)
    - Classic to Modern (DTFB conversion of any balsa plans set - thousands available over at Outerzone)
    - Composite Design (use combination of multiple materials from list of DTFB, Fiberglass, block foam, Balsa, 3D Printing, other)
    - Fantasy Craft (anything that's never been built full scale for sustained flight - which could nicely include sci-fi and outlandish steam punk craft too)
    - X Planes & the Edge of Space - anything experimental from the cold war forward including high flying mother/daughter ship combos and other launch vehicles

    Feel free to chime in with other ideas too!
    I want YOU to join us in the 2018 Flite Test Forum WWII Design/Build Challenge!

    My hanger listing, build threads, conversion projects, and Taranis radio mods are Over Here....

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