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    Question MikeysRC FPV V3 Plans -- Request

    I've spent the past few days trying to hunt down plans for the FPV V3. It seems that MikeysRC website is down fairly permanently.

    Does anyone have the plans downloaded that they would be willing to share? Or know where to find them?


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    Found them!

    After many weeks searching, I have found the MRC FPV V3 Plans. They are available here: plans

    Or attached: MRC_FPV_V3.pdf

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    Glad you found the plans and sorry I didn't see this post sooner as I have a copy of the plans. I have his plans for the pylon racer he made also. I built that pylon racer and man is it fun!
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    I'm looking for plans to Eclipse 400 EDF from mikeys RC
    anyone help?

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    Hello JimY,

    I found the plan reposted here:

    Have Fun

    Visit my Google Drive for my latest drawings

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    Many many thanks my friend!! All ready to go, plans printed!

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    Whoa whoa whoa. Hold on a minute. I'm glad y'all feel comfortable enough to jump in with a question and all but a friendly hello, I'm so and so and fly here and there thanks to you know who getting me into the hobby x years ago. That's if you don't mind, of course.
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