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    Marquette, MI

    Next solar eclipse, April 8, 2024. Total eclipse in Akron and Cleveland

    The title sez it all.
    Not quite total eclipse in Canton.

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    Dec 2017
    Minas Tirit
    So cool! I totally enjoyed the latest eclipse!
    Too bad we have to wait 6 years now.

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    Dec 2017
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    Yeah, last one was very cool. I literally had to drag the son and wife to see it. They were REALLY glad I did.

    The direct middle of the next one crosses our family farm in Texas. Calculations show 4:22 of totality there. They are both looking forward to that one!

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    Southern Maine, USA (the cold place with lots of snow and moose and deer and squirrels)
    i only got 60% where i am up in maine. cricket chirped and it was a bit cooler. that was about it.
    Major RC's in Flying Condition:FT Flyer (flown once, crashed, repaired), FT Sparrow (unpowered free flight version, flown soooo much, fixed sooo much), FT Simple Soarer (built with electronics, no motor, not flown),
    In Progress:B.A.T. 150% size (some pieces cut out, some not measured out yet), FT Simple Scout (plans taped together), FT Simple Cub (plans printed),
    Retired RC's none yet, although the sparrow is getting close.
    I also have an Axial SCX10 Deadbolt (crawler)

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