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    I used the 800 mah. What other battery will fit in that small space in the nose.
    The 1000mah depending on how well you have built (how accurate you have been with cutting out the plans) is a tight fit. On 2 of my mini arrows i had to carve out the centre section walls to get it to fit aswell as remove the outer plastic casing on the battery. This also means that the 850s are no longer a tight fit so need to use velcro to secure the battery.

    The 1000mah batteries will give you a few minutes extra flight time.

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    Just maidened my last mini arrow. I had set it up and resized the control rods so the servos were nuetral, i use bbq skewers with metal rods heatshrink and CA in place so once its set its permanant.

    Well the launch my arrow went up and to the left, quickly recoeverd it and started dialing in trim... loooks like i have too much reflex and it also needed some aileron trim.... it was too windy to properly check CG so maybe the CG was off aswell.

    not having much luck recently, on its 2nd flite there was a snapping sound, the motor cut and it spiraled to the ground, i still had conrtroland stort of guided it to the ground to soften the impact. thought it had folded but what actually happened was the firewall seperated from the power pod, so the motor just bound up with the wing and sent it into a spin.

    After recoering it from the boggy long grass it landed it noticed the battery was missing... another battery lost :/ it must have ejected the battery when it landed no chance in finding it, probably sunk under the mud....

    Easy fix though, hotglue the firewall back on.

    While im at it, ill mark elevon positions and reset the rods, i also need to take the stop out the linkages as noticed it was a bit erratic in the air. sure this was the case before, as it will sometimes suddenly twitch one way or the other. especially int he wind.

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    Makes me afraid to maiden my Arrow.

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