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    Quote Originally Posted by bazsound View Post
    I dont think its a piloting issue although i havnt flown in over 12 years ive been flying helis for the last years and before these crashes i was flying around doing circles and figure 8's and even stall turns. The first time i put it down to the wind, but the 2nd time doing the same thing has me leading to believe its a problem.

    Maybe a control horn gave way, the first time it happened even pulling up didnt do anything. the 2nd time.... I did notice 1 of my control horns was loose although that could have been from the crash...

    Ill pick up some more foam board and make 3, to make things simpler ill just do the wing in 1 colour and the pod and stabilisers the other. then use filiment tape for reinforcments.
    After reading that you have ripped a number of the same design I did a quick scan of other crash posts and there seems to be a common point of failure during a crash event on the design.

    Where the propeller cutout is there are 90 degree corners and most ripped wings have one of the corners as part of the failure. I suspect that on impact the mass of the wing is trying to pull the wing forward whilst the remainder of the aircraft becomes suddenly stationary. This relates to great forces which are released in the structures weakest point, the 90 degree cut corner.

    To improve the structure for further crashes I recommend that you consider making the 90 degree corner a curve instead and to add additional rip resistance you could add some CF or skewer reinforcement across what was the corner ot divert the forces involved.

    This might add a little additional weight but it will reduce the need to build a new plane every time you land roughly.

    Just a thought!

    Have fun!
    Hopefully making a difference!

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    Ill add some pictures so you can see (i did try but had issues trying to upload photos from my phone)

    but i think you are right. Ill try adding some reinforcement to those areas. Im not so sure that the CF tape is any stronger than paper, infact it might actually be slightly weaker. I compared my original wing with the new wing and it seems the paper is much stiffer.

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    The CF or skewer reinforcement I was considering was a groove or channel dug across in front of the weak area and then filled with possibly epoxy and the CF bar/rod or the skewer buried in the glue. Wipe up the excess and when dry cover with tape.

    have fun!
    Hopefully making a difference!

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    I forget to run a bead of glue in the hinge area of the leading edge... Thats where some of the weakness is and guess what, i did it again on my 2nd wing.

    Ill need to run filament tape over the outside a few layers thick. That should stop it splitting.

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    Right i think were good for V3.

    Just about got the finishing touches done before work. Leading eddge has a strip of filament tape along it. The rear secions on the inside has a strip of tape aswell as the outside. IM tomorrow before the mainden going to run a strip that raps round the back edges. Should should reifnorce it enough if it does happen to have a nose inpact should stop the wings tearing off. BUt hopefully that shouldnt happen.

    Also sorted out the slop in the control rods, the hoels in the control horns are slightly too big and on 1 control surfface there was a fair amount of slop. I guess the elevons could ave been flapping and it resulted in loss of control or loosening a control horn.

    As long as the wind is good tomorrow ill test fly it (and get a video so you can actually see it)

    Hopefully this one will be flying alot better, things look alot more symetrical, both elevons when set by the guage look the same (the previousl arrows even though the gauge showed they were both same, one looked higher than the other)

    The only remaining issue i have is 1 elevon is moving more than the other.

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    Just put in an order to Hobbyking for foam. Also ordered a few of there really cheap cract knifes (x blade something 0.36p!!) as ive been using bare stanley knife blades which are a bit big and awkward. carbon rod and clevis for stiffer and easier control rod setup.

    Should be here in a few days, ill make up the plans ready for the foam and batter out a couple spare wings for while im away. I should be able to get 2 or 3 wings worth of parts cut out in a few days by using the plans t cut out 1 and then use the foam cutouts as templates :-)

    No maiden on my 3rd wing yet not risking it in the weather we have, we are ont he edge of a hurricane at the moment, yesterday was 50mph winds. today is 15 at the moment which is too much. Really annoyed, yesterday i didnt take my wing with me as the winds were bad, and when i got to the place i was going to it went totally calm!

    Need to pickup somehook n loop tape, im wondering if the sudden pitching down was the battery moving back in flight causing it to suddenly go tail heavy.

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    Got my HK foamboard. Came relativly undamged, the 2 outside sheets had a few dents in it and the sides aswell but no cracks or splits.

    Ive made 2 wings with this stuff so far, it feels lighter. No electrics weight is 100g with packing tape on 1 side. so guess 150g withj battery, 180 with motor and ESC and then 200g once servos wires and rods are on. seems awfully light.... or am i being over optomistic.

    So ive got 3 mini wings now, (2 are spares)

    Pixtures to follow

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    Could have sworn i added pioctures yesterda....

    anyway had successfull flight today! No trim issues, a few clicks down elevator as it was wanting to climb a little that was it. All setup like the previous. elevons set with reflect using the gauge, this time however both elevons actually looked like they were at same level, not like before where 1 looked higher than the other.

    flew for just over 6 minutes and battery came down at 11.7v :-) i wasnt flying fast mostly just over half throttle. i gave it whelly once just to here the nose but didnt want to crash it.

    This one is alot twitchier than the previous ones, i was flying it like a helicopter just tiny stick movements, so im going to dial in some Expo and try flying also with low rates. It still has a tendancy to rock its wings randomly, i had someone who is an experienced pilot who and he says some wings just fly like that.

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