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    IMAX B6AC port for DC power input?

    Does anyone know the exact size/name of the D.C. power supply connector on this guy? (the little circular hole next to the A.C. power input)

    Additionally, If you have a D.C. power setup for outdoor charging with this model or a similar one (takes 11-18v) could you share it?

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    It's a barrel jack, but it's tough to determine the exact size from the photos.

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    It looks to me like a 5.5 x 2.5mm which is fairly common on laptop power supplies. Hard to be sure though.

    For field charging I just use my car battery. You can also use a larger Lipo (3-4S) or a smaller 12V lead acid.

    If you're looking for something just for the field, you can't beat this little guy - especially on sale. If you need AC input as well, you'd need a separate power supply though.
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