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No really, I reached out to TJ and his recommendation, to confirm many others, was the RunCam Split Mini. He was kind enough to pop one in the mail for me.

I'm ecstatic with the camera and it's assembly was very straightforward. I've never done this before and everything just worked. The camera fits very well into the pocket I made in the cockpit and I am thinking I may tuck the control boards behind the pilot seat. Still need to think on that as the canopy may interfere with the buttons or removal of the SD card. Optionally, I could extend the pocket downward to capture it all in the headrest area.
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Big screen shows that the first connection was good. All my VTx and VRx stuff was working.
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I'm very impressed with the color capture of the camera and this is not even the recorded HD footage. I still need to read up on how do to all of that.
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And here we are on a tiny screen with a view inside the cockpit. The lens focal length is quite a bit longer than the cockpit which I think is good. The issue now is trying to capture the cockpit animations. This may not be super critical as the flying experience will be fantastic. The sliding canopy will be very prominent and the dash will be clearly seen. A simple tilt mechanism may be in order and perhaps coupled to the elevator channel.
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