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    Transmitter help

    For airplane what is the max number of switches you will ever use? Reason I ask is because I was going to get the qx7s and I had problems with a website so I was looking else where and saw the 9xd is about the Same price and saw they came out with the 9xd special. And don't know if I would ever need that many switches on the 9xd and the qx7s would work. But if I think I would use that many switch I would go with the 9xd special.
    Thanks happy flying

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    I have one plane I have set up that uses every switch on a 9xd but I may have gone a little crazy (especially as I have a hard time remembering what each switch does). It was for a glider that I set up every possible mode you can think of on a glider that only has 7 channels (2 ailerons, 2 flaps, rudder, elevator, and throttle). Even I question if what I did really makes sense and if I should simplify that plane.

    If I had to guess, for 99% of people (especially on this forum), the QX7 has enough controls for you. If you need more (not like me going crazy just because I can), you are probably flying a plane that is significantly more expensive than any version of the Taranis radio (like an actual jet or a high end competition carbon fiber motor glider) in which case you probably can afford to upgrade to a FrSky Horus or other high end radio.

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    aiy yiy yi, muchacho! i doan need no steenkin switchees!

    well, maybe one or two, now and then. for that matter, 6 channels is rarely needed as well, mostly 3 or 4 is all that i'll need and ymmv.

    a qx7 with the irx4 module is a sweet tx. and it appears the jumper t8sg might be as well.

    assess yer modeling flight needs and get a tx with the controls to administer those needs.

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    It really, honestly, depends on what you'll need. My dad has a Spektrum DX7 because he wants to have the ability to use flaps on his sailplanes, and the ability to use telemetry.

    I'm going to 3D print a P-38 Lightning from the 3DLabPrint guys, and with that, I'll need a minimum of 6 channels (Throttle, ailerons, rudder, elevator, flaps, and retractable gears). If I wanted to throw in dual ailerons rather than using a Y-connector, I'd need a 7 channel transmitter.

    Will you use a ton of switches? Most likely, no. I find I use, at most, 3 switches. I have a throttle kill switch (something my field requires I have in use for everything I fly, with the exception of sailplanes that have no motor), a switch for various levels of expo, and a switch to turn on mixing for my differential thrust on my Sea Duck. I suppose if I had another twin motor plane that I wanted to set up differential thrust AND have retractable landing gear, I might use more than 3 switches, but honestly, it's kinda rare.

    I'd recommend planning for at LEAST a 6 channel radio; while you technically can get by on 4 for most planes, you'll find that you need at least one dedicated channel for that throttle cut, and having another channel for changing flight modes is a bonus for drones. I'd say that it really depends on what you plan to fly; if you think you're going to get into helis and intricate gliders and wanting to open a bomb bay door while retracting landing gear, it might be to the benefit of purchasing a higher channel radio.

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    If you are planning to be on the forums here and potentially get into some of the more challenging build or some of the competitions switches are cool. Having them and not needing them is one thing. not having them and needing to get another radio down the line gets expensive.

    I am working on just a video system for one of the current build projects as a secondary flight crew and I am using 8 channels. Not including what is needed for the pilot to actually fly the plane. 4 channels for pan and tilt on two separate cameras, another servo for tilting the cockpit camera to become a bomb drop sight, one for camera switching for FPV, one for bomb bay doors and the last for bomb drop.

    Everyday use more then likely 6 channels is most you will use regularly but its that one time you want more you will kick yourself for not planning ahead.
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    I would go for more switches and channels if the price is about the same. I started with a DX6 Gen 2 after only 2 years I upgraded to a DX9 Gen 2 ran out of channels and switches. If you ever think about adding a stability system in an airplane Eagle Tree, telemetry, and doing flaps, ailerons, dual servos on elevator, rudder, and retracts 6 channels is not enough. The new Eagle Tree with 6 axis and 6 flight modes eats up either 2 switches or 3. As Bitorg said if you ever decide to fly sailplanes and do it really right you will NEED switches, and sliders are great to have ..

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    going with open-tx (taranis, jumper, etc) yields 8 channels at least and a gaggle of switches and dials. that's faaaar more than any newbie needs from the get-go, with lots of future bells 'n' whistles on tap if need be. and the price tags will be lots less to boot.

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    With the 9xd special with the unscrewedable anntana I heard you don't want to keep putting it on and off or the connection will get bad is this true if so could you modify the case that it comes in. to fit the 9xd with the anntana on?

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    You're likely the best one to determine how many switches. Consider throttle, ailerons, elevators, and rudder. If you want lights, gear, or flaps those all would take a channel each as well as any other special device. That said, as much as those options sound appealing, I don't have anything that uses all of them nor much that goes beyond 4 channels. I have an Excalibur that is normally a basic 4 channels flyer but I put each aileron on its own channel which gave me the option for flatperons. Cost vs benefit... you get to choose whether what you buy will be utilized enough to justify the expense.
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    The X9D and Q7 have a big price difference. Are you comparing transmitters with the same type of gimbals and case included?
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    With respects to switches and sliders differences here is a brief comparison.
    Q X7 $100 switches 6
    Q X7 SE $184

    X9D+ $185 switches 8 + sliders 2
    X9D+ SE $257

    X9E $315 switches 8 + sliders 4 + add more switches and sliders,

    SE -
    Upgraded gimbals + Travel case and some other differences such as the sticks.
    Other differences as well.
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