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    Just caught up with this again. I see you are focused on the Vortex 150 in particular. I don't know how much you have really looked around in the forums but quads in general are low on the totem pole here. The diversity of quads in general are pretty much down to what ever reviews some people do for toy grade gear and pre built stuff and Flite Test designs.

    Unlike other forums where there is a really broad base of products being discussed this is after all "FliteTest" forums and people tend to stick to Flite Test products. The Vortex is an Immersion RC based product that FT sells. That is a HUGE difference. Flite Test designed quads are things like the old Rotor Bones, the Bat Bones and the Electra Hub. Those were niche designs from Flite Test getting their toes wet in the multi rotor community. Then came the Versa Copter and that is what really boosted quad peoples interest here and a sub community was started and has been growing since. Now they have put out the Gremlins and they took off like wild fire again stepping up participation in these forums for quad copters and recently the addition of the FT 210 to compete in the entry level 5 inch racers. Even the FT 210 does not draw much attention as they are mainly sold as a prebuilt starter set up.

    Flite Testy being centered around new people in the hobby does not hold the interest of people that are fast paced and growing out of noob status quite quickly. I am currently in that dilemma of how much more time I can / will spend in here because I am at the point I am stagnating with my own progression and will have to step out side FT to start progressing again.

    So to compare this with a place like RC groups and Multi Gp and other places where people gather this is focused in one area of getting people that leg up to build a solid rooting in the hobby. More advanced thinking will stagnate in that environment and have to seek higher learning elsewhere. That said there is a TON of knowledge here as a collected whole from the new guy who stumbles on to a new method to put a foamie together to the balsa builders like Josh Orchard who is putting out top level build and teaching advanced build techniques.

    The over all workings of this forum do way more then intended for a broad base of hobbyists that fall within a certain level and pace as well as like minded ways of being human. Other forums not so much. Is it perfect? Far from it. Does it work? Very much so.

    Its nice people come with ideas but take that deeper and look at (I hate this statement) "The Big Picture" and its not people shooting your ideas down so much as it is people who have been here and know the flow of things and see the amount of effort what you are asking for is beyond what an unpaid non professional IT community based self management could viably take on and keep up with. Add in that things change so fast specially in the multi rotor aspect and its better to let old questions and answers fade for new rounds of the same questions under different parameters to come out and address the changes as they come. Other wise every thread holding on to all past information would simply become the "Junk Drawer" and would take away from any real effectiveness I think.
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    Quote Originally Posted by PsyBorg View Post
    I see you are focused on the Vortex 150 in particular...

    The Vortex is an Immersion RC based product that FT sells.

    Flite Testy being centered around new people in the hobby...

    ...see the amount of effort what you are asking for is beyond what an unpaid non professional IT community based self management could viably take on and keep up with..
    I used the Vortex 150 as one example. I would also like to discuss issues with the RunCam Split, as well as design mods to the Gremlin. There are more, but the common thread in many (not all) cases is that they are products that FT sells.

    I have a lot of faith in FT and truly believe that their culture of educating, empowering, and enlightening is real. I also believe that they want their customers to have the best possible experience. I think they have a fantastic business model based on a sound moral footing. I appreciate it so much that I want to support it, both with my dollars and with honest feedback about the products they sell. I am asking for a better way to do that.

    I am an expert modeler and a complete noob, all at the same time, it just depends on the subject. The FT community has a lot to teach me, and I just want to give back a little.

    I am specifically asking for something that is NOT a lot of effort, or at least this is my intent. It may have been lost in the long conversation that was necessary to find common ground, but what I am hoping for is very simple:

    A link on each product page to a sticky forum thread for that product. Those forum threads would exist under a topic called "Flight Test Products".

    It's not zero effort, but I thought is was pretty minor. The fact that it has been so controversial and brought up so many emotional and wide ranging issues has been quite amazing to me.

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    The thing of it is we have seen this attempted before and it became a little overwhelming for the ft staff at the time. Now with more staff on hand it could be possible.
    As for design mods for the gremlin either start a new thread or post in the thread I started. Mine was meant to be used as a location to find new gremlin ideas. So thinking about it i think your ideas would fit right in.
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    Considering this is a text conversation the emotion can be hard to judge accurately. My feathers weren't ruffled about this nor do I think this has been a heated controversy but rather thinking this through. Maybe I'm wrong but I prefer to give the benefit of the doubt.

    Quote Originally Posted by JimCR120 View Post
    I believe I have been after what you are describing as I have several times already created threads on products I've bought with the intention of having a sort of knowledge base to exchange ideas (Blade Inductrix, UMX F4F Wildcat, RCExplorer Tricopter V4). Some have grown lengthey and others not so much. There are plenty others generated by other forum members too (UMX Radian, FT DIY Gremlins)
    Thoughts? Am I missing anything?
    I'm trying to be part of the solution here but had no response. Am I that far off the idea?
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