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    Real amazing pic. I'm still working on my boys. To get them on the sticks in the Sim is nothing more than crash-it-hard time.

    But my son tried my highly abused mini arrow. he did great until he turned it around and had it come towards him. he corrected the wrong way and tanked it in. We laughed until I realized we lost the nut. and I didn't have a spare. but I talked to him about how well he did, and that the simulator will help him to fly when the plan is coming at him.

    Pencils and drawing work.
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    Quote Originally Posted by themistocles3 View Post
    She said "I no fly it! No want it to crash" Love that kid.
    omg i almost laughed out loud in the middle of this office i'm sitting in! awesome! I wish i had gotten into this before my daughter got too old to think hanging out with dad was cool. I'm trying to talk her into flitefest... we shall see...
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