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    I probably twice as much mini's as I do swappables. I like them because I can fly most of them in my front yard, the parts are cheaper, they are a bit more durable, and they're faster builds, but they don't handle wind very well, and unless you have a perfect runway you'll be doing hand launches.
    Always remember this when you are struggling with something, "It is possible.....just not in a way you know yet".
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    designs Bell P-39|Grunjet|Grumman XF5F
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    In my opinion, go big or go home. Big planes look cool, feel cool, but are really hard to transport. In my experience you can do a billion things wrong when building a big plane, and it still flies ok. But small planes get problems much faster. Also I have never flown a small FT plane that I liked. Just felt weird, I don't know why. Big planes have the coolest crashes too!

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    We measured the trunk of a Honda Civic and made an F-16 to fit.

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    This one just fits in the Santa Fe.

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    I just made a full size bloody mustang and it flew around the baseball field at the end of my street with no issues. Well except when I went to film it lol. It is a lot of fun and has a lot of power with a power pack C, In the future I plan on using a power pack b to get more flight time.
    This plane has the perfect balance between size and durability in my opinion.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    There isn't anything a little packing tape and hot glue can't fix.

    Maker of toothpick glider and staple plane.

    Mystery link I bet you won't click it

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